Stay Cool This Summer

7 Ways To Stay Cool in The Summer

No one likes to melt during the summer heat. There are a ton of ways you can help feel cool and keep some freshness even while the days are sweltering. Here are some of the ways to beat that hot weather, without using a ton of air conditioning!

Take A Shower Once a Day!

While you may want to avoid washing your hair every day (so it can keep its oils), showering everyday can really help. Start off with hot water so you get clean quicker and move to cooler water to lower your body temperature. This will help wake you up in the morning and give you a cool freshness.

After a Shower, Moisturize!

Instead of using one of your normal lotions, opt for baby oil instead! Use it on damp skin, and if you’d really rather stick with lotion, use a lightly scented flavor. Something like citrus or flowers will help you feel the summer freshness instead of being bogged down by a warm scent like vanilla.

Keep Your Face Clean!

If the skin on your face often feels dirty and heavy, it is probably because of sweat and oil. Use a good exfoliating cream to keep it soft and smooth during the hot weather.

Keep Your Hair Up!

A great way to cut down on the air conditioning bill is to keep your hair up and off your neck. Also, make sure it stays clean so it isn’t being weighed down by a lot of oils.

Brush Your Teeth

It sounds a little odd, but think about right after you brush your teeth. Your mouth always feels cooler when it’s fresh and clean. Keep a pack of mint gum on you for when you aren’t at home to help feel a little cooler.

Wear Bright Colors and Loose Clothing!

The darker the color, the more heat it will attract. We know you love black, but if you would prefer to glow instead of sweat, lighten up! Whatever material your clothes are made out of will also play a big role in keeping cool.

Stay Hydrated!

It is SUPER important to stay hydrated when it’s hot outside, especially if you are going to be out in the hot weather. Water is the best thing to drink but if you have been doing a lot of activity, try something with electrolytes! Make sure it’s cold so it can keep you cool!