How to Prepare my AC Conditioning in Hesperia for Summer

How to Prepare my AC Conditioning in Hesperia for Summer

Are you prepared for this year’s blistering summer heat? If you are like most Americans then you probably avoided answering that question outright, and perhaps you have avoided preparing for the summer altogether, but you can prevent your pain this summer by preparing you’re A/C today. If you are wondering, how to prepare my A/C for Summer’ then you are in the right spot. Below we have outlined 5 ways to prepare for the summer with AC maintenance in Hesperia CA:

Understand BTUs

BTU stands for British Thermal Units per hour. This unit of measurement refers to the amount of energy it takes to lower the temperature of water by 1 degree. Air conditioner window units should be purchased according to the space you intent to cool. For example, if your room is a small 100-150 square feet then you will need at least a 5,000 BTUs AC. You can purchase AC condition in Hesperia according to your room size.

Consider the Height of Your Space

One thing many buyers fail to consider when purchasing an AC is the height of their room. The taller your ceilings are, the more energy it will take to cool them. Once again, purchase your unit according to the size and shape of your home for efficient cooling.

Factor in the Size of Your Family

If you live alone and are asking yourself ‘how to prepare my A/C for summer’, then you won’t need to worry too much about the size of your family. In fact, you will likely spend far less on your AC conditioning in Hesperia than families will. But if you have a family of 4 you will need a more powerful unit.

Look for A/C’s with the Energy Star Label

An Energy Star Labeled A/C is much more efficient than other units, using up to 15 percent less energy than its counterpart. If you want to save money while keeping your home cool this summer, then contact us and look for this label.

Measure Your Window Space

Window units require an exact measurement to ensure that you don’t lose energy out the window, which in turn ups your energy bill. Call to get your measurements first with Exclusive HVAC before you purchase a unit.